Logan Furniture understands these financial times are tough - that's why we encourage customers to look at an alternative to financing...

The Logan Layaway Plan

We guarantee the price for the term of your layaway; there are NO penalties even if the price should increase. In order to use our FREE Layaway Plan:

1. A 15% deposit is required at time of order.

2. Payments are made on a consistent monthly basis. Once the six-month layaway period expires, a monthly processing fee of $45.00 is applied to customer's account.

*** It is IMPORTANT that you contact your Sales Consultant within the specified time indicated on the face of your sales receipt. At that time, we will order your furniture from the manufacturer. If you do not contact your Sales Consultant within the specified time indicated on the face of your sales receipt, your furniture may not be available at the time you want it.

3. Upon notifying you that your merchandise has arrived, your furniture must be scheduled for immediate delivery or pick-up. Otherwise storage charges may be applied.

4. Any change of address, phone number, etc. should be communicated to your Sales Consultant. This will enable Logan Furniture to serve you more effectively.

5. In the event that the manufacturer discontinues the merchandise you have ordered, Logan Furniture will offer a like or similar furniture or your deposit will be refunded in full.

6. Additional pieces purchased at a later date are subject to availability from the manufacturer.

7. This policy is designed to serve you with the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.